Hi. I'm Christian. I'm only 26, but I think I'm nearing the end of my midlife/existential crisis. My life has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, causing me to reflect on who I've turned into and who I've left behind. I look back at my trek through my early twenties, and I see a blur of highs and lows. I left the church and small town I grew up in, much to the dismay of my friends and family. I dropped out of college at 20 to try my luck at the infamous corporate game. I moved to Las Vegas and made a bunch of money (by young millennial standards). I subsequently blew a good portion of it across countless weekends at bars, clubs, and parties. I fell in love, then survived heart break. I gained weight; then got in the best shape of my life. I found life-changing philosophy along with mind opening substances.  Over these brief years of transformation, I've delved into fitness, psychedelics, meditation, yoga, and now finally, writing.

As I reflect on my many experiences and challenges so far, I can't help but feel I could have spent those developing years a bit more efficiently. We all have to make mistakes so we can learn and grow, but that's just one way to achieve growth. As humans, we have the unique ability to share information and ideas with each other, allowing others to gain understanding from the knowledge and wisdom we already possess. If I could write to my younger 20-year-old self, I would have numerous pages to fill, as I'm sure we all would. I would provide a resource he could revert to for advice, tips, hacks, and shortcuts for the arduous road ahead. This text might act as a compass of sorts, helping to find his bearings, and realigning him back to True North. This compass would point him in the direction of profound philosophy, great literary works, healing substances, epic destinations, and other experiences that could expand consciousness and assist in navigating his journey.

True North Project is a blog that will focus on that journey. Not just my campaign up to the present day, but the continuous "hero's journey"  that many of us have embarked on, and others are just beginning. Urban dictionary defines a psychonaut as an explorer of one's mind. Psychonauts use all different types of tools and methods for this exploration of consciousness. I want to blog about any experiences, resources, psychedelic substances, and philosophies that have aided in my self-discovery, and might invigorate other voyagers on their way. In all honesty, this blog is mainly for my benefit; The benefit of sorting out my thoughts and distilling down what Truth I can.

True North Project Mission:

  • Provide a chill resource and discussion for advancement in the hero journey of self-discovery, consciousness evolution, and enlightenment.
  • Question the status quo.
  • Point Psychonauts and Heroes in the direction of healing and mind opening substances, therapies, and experiences.
  • Spread love and positive vibes to all.
  • Sort out my thoughts and bask in the benefits of writing.
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