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Float Tanks: Meditation on Steroids

If you haven’t heard of float tanks, let me introduce you to a game changer. If you have, stick around. I got some juicy shit share with you. Over the past eight months, I’ve delved into the unorthodox world of floating (AKA sensory deprivation tanks). Since jumping down this rabbit hole, I’ve experienced some profound […]

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Mushrooms in the Misty Mountains

  I’ve been to Misty Mountains. How did I travel to the epic land of Middle Earth you might ask? Short answer: Magic Mushrooms. Long answer: As a teenager, I spent copious amounts of time letting my mind wander in J.R.R. Tolkien’s enchanting fantasy realm as an escape from my dull existence on shitty, regular […]

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Life Doesn’t Suck

  Have you ever had one of those moments when you catch yourself at a strange angle in the mirror, and you barely recognize the figure staring back? I experienced this the other day, and it resulted in a staring contest with myself that lasted several minutes. Something had changed. I noticed a couple of […]

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